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Flickr users
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This is a list of our members that share their photo albums via the Flickr website. If you also use Flickr you can add these members as contacts by clicking on the links provided, please quote "WalkingForum" and your forum username when doing this so that people know who you are and where you got their Flickr contact details from. If you wish to have your Flickr contact details added to this list then please send me or another member of the Admin/Mod team a PM with the appropriate link.

Willowisp has now added a new group for the Walking Forum here -[email protected]/ ...but don't let that stop you posting pictures on the forum O0

Willowisp -[email protected]/

DaFoot -

robstubbs -[email protected]/

ukjeeper -[email protected]/

mick -[email protected]/ &[email protected]/

ewalker -[email protected]/

Granty -

uncled8249 -
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