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Old Man of Storr Walk, Isle of Skye, Scotland
« on: 15:05:52, 10/11/20 »
So recently I made my first visit to the Isle of Skye - 8 hour drive but well worth it! Photos of the Old Man of Storr was one of the things that attracted me to the Isle of Skye and it seemed so remote and wild. Little did I know how accessible the walk would be ha - with a passing road and car park fairly close to the Storr and a clear and well marked foot path up to the Old Man (when looking at the OS map the walk route didn't appear to be so clear).

Because of this the walk was more popular than I thought (done it in September - I imagine it's even busier in the summer months - maybe too busy then) - so those of you familiar with Scotland/Skye will consider this a very touristy walk. Nethertheless - the views where stunning and for me some of the best views we seen in the Isle of Skye on this holiday. Thought I'd share some photos of the walk anyway and a bit of information for anyone else who is as unfamiliar with the Old Man of Storr as I was!

This was my favourite & best view point of the Old Man of Storr, which is actually from a bit of a distance - worth walking away from the Old Man of Storr I think:

I've shown here where  I think the best view is of the Old Man of Storr:

The map route of this Old Man of Storr walk - it's really accessible and starts form a biggish car-park:

The car park is still under development but space for lots of cars!

Stunning view!

Love this sign ha

Looks like a film set up here!

Looking at The Storr - another time maybe!

If you have never been up this way before I hope the photos make you want to visit the Old Man of Storr. It's only a 1.5 hour-ish walk so doesn't take that long. Iv'e created this blog post on my Old Man of Storr walk on the Isle of Skye if you are interested
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